Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Greetings, 2013

Phebe, John, and Cordelia
Carolle Trembley and John  Palmer
#602, 19 King St
London, Ontario, N6A 5N8
(519) 204-6290
Dec. 8, 2013

Hello, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

         It’s early, but with Veronica’s help we have already put up our Christmas decorations.  We had a big dump of snow at the end of November AND IT STAYED FOR 2 WEEKS!!  Oh well, at least we didn’t get the weather Edmonton and Regina had, with unbearable freezing temperatures and wind.  And it is awesome to watch snowstorms from the 6th floor, and see the wind make the snowflakes fly.  What a contrast to the wonderful February week we spent with friends in Molokai. 

         This year has been kind to us.  We have been reasonably healthy, considering how much older we are!!  We love our condo and being in London, where 2 of our children and 4 of our grandchildren live.  We enjoy regular contact with all of them.

John with green trumpet
John is still busy with his music, acting, and travelling.  He has been in several plays this year, including one in which he wouldn’t let Carolle see him—as the slimy owner of the cabaret in the musical “Cabaret.”  He is again playing with the Encore Band which he loves.  He is also in a trio with 2 other condo dwellers.  They rehearse regularly and will play Christmas carols in the foyer in a couple of weeks.  And, for Grey Cup this year, he travelled to Regina to play his green trumpet in the Saskatchewan RoughRider Pep Band, which played various venues for 5 days prior to the Grey Cup and was in the stands for the game that the RoughRiders won.  Can you imagine just how crazy it was in Regina that week?  John came home very very tired, with a bad cold, and spent most of the next week sleeping.  But he said it was worth it!!

Carolle and Viv in Bredenbury
      John was also in Regina in August, when he taught a 4-week summer course at the University.  While there, Carolle and her sister, Viv, came for a week.  On the weekend of their visit, they all attended the Centennial of the town of Bredenbury where Carolle and Viv were raised until their mid-teens.  It was an amazing celebration and such fun.  So many people who had moved away returned for this celebration and it was neat to revisit with old friends.  We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in Regina. Then Carolle flew back to Edmonton with Viv and visited with her family.  Imagine 3 couples with a total of 9 children plus the 2 of us for dinner.  It was wonderful.  Carolle also spent a lovely evening with Joanne and Duwayne.  She had been a bridesmaid at their wedding many decades ago.
      It was John’s 70th birthday this year, and we had a mostly family celebration at a local restaurant and served the same ‘cake’ for the birthday cake as we had served for our wedding—Baskin Robbins’ Turtle Pie.  Mmmmm, it was so good.  At the birthday party, Phebe sang the song “At last.”  It was beautiful.  Here is a link to the YouTube video of her.  Look for her sister, Cordelia, sitting next to her.


Lara and Elise
Jacob brought his daughters, Lara and Elise, to our place for the celebration and we had a wonderful time with him and his girls.  We had a ton of beautiful art on fridge and walls when they left.  They had visited a few months earlier when Melinda attended a conference in Toronto in June.  It was such a hoot to have Jacob and his two small children in our home.  And Lara continues to have good results from her regular testing, with no sign of cancer.  Wow, that is such wonderful news. 

         Rachael had some sciatica and back problems earlier this year, but is doing much better now and is back at work full time, managing the post office at the downtown Shoppers’ Drug Mart.  Thank goodness.  They really need her at Christmas time.  

Veronica and Kayla
Kayla has begun working for The Wine Rack and enjoys showing off her newly-learned expertise.  Veronica is investigating hair dressing apprenticeships and, on her birthday this month, will be old enough to drink!

         Matthew’s life has been chaotic as a member of the team helping 3M switch from its antiquated computer system to a worldwide implementation of SAP.  For several months it seemed he was working 15 hours/day and on call the rest of the time.

         Most of our London family will again be at our place for Christmas.  We will fit in as many of our kids and grandkids as we can.  They will come for Christmas Eve and then stay or return for Christmas morning and the stockings.  We shopped early this year and have the stockings filled already.  Let’s hope we don’t come up with any more ideas and have to go shopping again!!! 

We hope you and your families have been safe and comfortable this year and hope that Christmas is Merry and that the New Year is Happy and good to you.

                  with love
                  Carolle and John