Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Greetings, 2014

Carolle Trembley and John Palmer                                                                      
#602, 19 King Street
London, Ontario, N6A 5N8
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December 7, 2014

Hello there,
Drum roll please!!!!

Paytyn, 3 Days Old
We are now greatgrandparents!!  

Our lovely greatgranddaughter, Paytyn, was born to Veronica and her partner, Jodie, on Friday the 14th of November at 8:03 pm. 

She is beautiful and sweet — spoken like true unbiased greatgrandparents!! And you can see how thrilled Veronica and Jodie are.

Paytyn, Veronica, and Jodie

This year the injury gods found us.   In March, John, offended by the hoards of geese which came to eat and evacuate upon the land below our window, decided he would take on a mission to chase them away.  He was doing really well until one day when he slid down the hill and went up in the air, only to land firmly on his back.  Carolle watched the whole thing and was horrified.  It was baaaad.   It took several months of pain killers and painful physio to make it better, but luckily it really is much better now.  Unfortunately, though, John has osteoporosis and needs to be careful.  In October John acquired hearing aids and he loves them. 

         July was Carolle’s bad month.  First her blood pressure and pulse readings were way out of whack and the doctor diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation and referred her for many tests.  A couple of weeks later, she had extreme pain in her right leg and the doctors found a clot in the leg which they operated on. Later she was given a long lecture by her cardiologist about how lucky she was that the clot was in her leg and not anywhere else.  Whew.  Unfortunately, the AFib has come back this month and meds have been increased.  After the operation, Carolle was able to get out of the hospital just in time for her favorite anniversary celebration....  

Carolle and John Celebrating their 32nd Anniversary
at the CN Tower

We took Via Rail first class to Toronto, stayed at the SkyDome with a room looking on to the field for 2 games, and went to the CNTower for lunch, where John’s nephew, Brian, insisted on buying us lunch.  


Guess July wasn’t all bad.  We had John’s niece, Sarah, and nephew, Brian, and families come for lunch.  It was really neat to see them.  And John was able to see his sister, Anne, at Brian’s place near Toronto. 

      Carolle went to Edmonton for Thanksgiving this year.  She had a lovely time with her sister, Viv, and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Kristi and David’s (David did most of the cooking—wow is he a good cook!).  And she saw her nieces, Kristi & Karen, her nephew, Colin, and their spouses, as well as all of Viv’s nine grandchildren and says she got her annual dose of hugs from them.  They are wonderful and fun.

Tiptoe through the Tulips

John continues to pursue acting roles.  He had one excellent role as the neighbor, Charlie, in Death of a Salesman in London.  It was a great production and he garnered a lot of kudos.  Another role was as a sad Croation man.  It was one heavy role, and John earned ‘Best Actor’ for this one in the LOAF (London One-Act Play Festival).  He was really good.  Musically he is still playing with the Encore Band and the condo trio--the Regency Rogues.  And here is a sample of his ‘stomp art’ called Tiptoe Through the Tulips, as seen from our condo window.  He stomps in the snow just where the geese were trying to establish their territory.

This year, our oldest granddaughter, Kayla, moved to Regina to be with her boyfriend.  John arranged a lecture at the University of Regina for an excuse to go to Regina and see her and his friends there.  He helped her get some important stuff for their apartment, e.g. pots and pans, etc.  He was there for the weekend Saskatchewan Roughriders game, where he played his green trumpet in the Pep Band at the game.  He also arranged game tickets for Kayla and her boyfriend, which they loved.  We tease her about the cold, but we miss her.

Rachael and Matthew are still both very busy at their jobs.  We see them when we get a chance.  We so enjoyed having Phebe stay at our place for a few days while Matthew was travelling for work.  Cordelia is very keen to become independent and have her own place.

Lara and Elise Doing Handstands
against the Playroom Wall

        Winter seems to be making its way slowly into our region, with snow coming and going.  But we are hoping to have lots of snow by Christmas, ‘cause Jacob and Melinda are bringing Lara and Elise up to Canada for experience with snow, cold and winter events.  Luckily their first few days in Canada will be even further north of London in the Blue Mountain resort area, which is sure to have snow and skiing and sledding, etc.  This year we were able to visit Houston together in January and November and John was also down there in July (too hot for Carolle).  The girls are growing up fast.  They sure are a lot of fun, and beautiful too. 

Elise and Lara, November 2014

Most of our family will be at our place for Christmas, this time including Jacob and Melinda and girls.  It will be wonderful.  We hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas and that the 2015 is good to you.

                  with love
                  Carolle and John